Just embarking on a new adventure – blogging.  Not entirely sure where it will take me – a great place to share the things I love and the things I create.  Only time will tell where it will lead and how it will grow, and I can hardly wait to see!

My hobbies fall into two categories: collecting and creating.  The two go hand in hand, and complement each other very well.

We love to check out the local thrift shops, yard and garage sales and general auctions – always looking for things that we can use in our crafts and adding to our collections. I collect stamps, and salt & pepper shakers, love little boxes and old tins – and penguins – can’t forget about the penguins.

It has occurred to me, as I approach my 60th birthday, that retirement is not the distant future that it once was, and that it is time to seriously look at what I am going to do when I am no longer working, ways to supplement my retirement income, to have some kind of plan and to start putting that plan into action.