Hooks & Hammers, Wood & Wool

Still playing around with a title for my blog.  I know that it will probably change a number of times before I find the one that is really me, and fits what I do.  I have such an eclectic range of hobbies and interests, that it won’t be easy to find a phrase that captures it all!

Right now, our focus is on crocheting and woodworking. My crochet projects range from small items such as cup and can cozies and amigurumi to larger projects like shawls and baby blankets.  While I am busy with my hooks, my man is busy in his basement workshop, creating amazing birdhouses.  I share his interest in woodwork – have made a few birdhouses myself,  and am eager to learn how to use the mini-lathe  bought a number of years ago, but only recently taken out of the box.



Why am I blogging?  Pretty good question!  I suppose that realistically there are three basic reasons behind this endeavour.  First and foremost, it is a step towards surviving retirement, not necessarily just my own!

As I have been searching the internet for patterns and crafting ideas, I have noticed how many who share my love of crafting have blogs.  What an exciting way to share one’s passion, and perhaps market the products of the passion!  Cause let’s face it, if we don’t find a way to market our creations, we are going to be knee deep in them!

And finally, perhaps this will satisfy my desire to be a writer, something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the confidence to try.